Residential Structural Inspection

Structural Integrity Concerns & Inspections

Concerned with the structural integrity of your home or a home that you are purchasing? We have provided thousands of residential structural inspections for various structural problems.  We have experience in all types and ages of residential buildings.  Our typical scope of services for these inspections is to determine the severity of the concerns and develop repair recommendations for structural problems.

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Typical Symptoms of Structural Concerns

Cracking in Brick

Cracking in brick veneer, foundation walls, structural concrete

Cracking in interior drywall and finishes

Sagging or uneven floors and ceilings

Leaning chimneys

Leaning or bowing interior/exterior walls and foundation walls

Floor or roof truss damage

Stormwater drainage concerns

Deck and porch framing or safety concerns

Damage from fire and vehicle impact

Deflection or concerns associated with over-loading including hot tubs, large aquariums, or hoarding

Concerns with un-permitted additions and renovations

Structural Issue Examples

Retaining Wall Failure

Pre-Drywall Inspection

Leaning Masonry Pier

Helical Pier Installation

Foundation Cracking

Floor Separation

Floor Frame Deterioration

Basement Wall Failure

Fire Damage

Chimney Failure

Chimney Separation

Brick Veneer Cracking