What is a Property Condition Assessment?

A Property Condition Assessment (PCA) is a due diligence assessment documenting the building’s physical condition. PCAs provide valuable information on the condition of the property or real estate that may be purchased, leased, refinanced or simply to understand future maintenance. 

Our Expertise

Our team of experts performs visual inspections of the site and building(s) to identify physical deficiencies that could have an adverse effect on the property’s cash flow, function, or marketability. A Property Conditions Report (PCR) will be issued on the conditions of the inspected structures, facilities, and equipment. The PCR will include budgetary cost estimates for repairs and correction of deficiencies.

Since PCAs are often completed during the due diligence phase, often times our clients perform Phase I Environmental Site Assessments simultaneously.

Property Condition Assessment Scope

Our team of experts will identify any current deficiencies that pose a threat to life and safety, as well as those items that require repair in the immediate or near term, within the next five years. 

Our PCAs meet or exceed the requirements in ASTM E2018-15 Standard Guide for Property Condition Assessments: Baseline Property Condition Assessment Process.

Site Improvements

Topography, paving, curbing, parking, ingress/egress, stormwater drainage systems (to the extent visible), retaining walls, site fencing, signage, and other site improvements.

Structural Components

An inspection for symptoms of structural concerns including cracking, uneven flooring/walls, evidence of moisture intrusion, evidence of framing damage, foundation settlement, or other structural concerns.


Visual inspection for types of roofing, condition of roofing, flashings, counterflashing, copings (if any), slopes for drainage, standing water or ponding conditions, condition of gutter and rain leader systems (if any), parapets, and other roofing components.

Mechanical, Electrical, and Plumbing Systems

Materials of supply, distribution, and drain systems (where visible), and evidence of leakage and corrosion. Inspection of the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems for adequacy, age of equipment, and operability.  Capacity, ratings, and inspection of the electrical systems, and function checks of outlets and light fixtures as available.

Fire and Life Safety

Inspection of alarm system, sprinkler system, draft stops (if any), fire-rated assemblies, means of egress, and evidence of fire/life safety concerns.


In addition to the above systems, exterior and interior finishes, signage, vertical transportation, and other elements will be inspected as to condition and evidence of concerns.


A limited scope visual survey based on a representative sampling will be completed for concerns with building accessibility (ADA). 


Our team will perform research using local records or interviews to determine any violations/concerns regarding building code compliance, zoning verification, fire department/ municipal official interviews, and flood certifications.

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