Site Infrastructure - Community Associations Services

Our Experience

Our team has experience providing infrastructure and site evaluations to numerous associations ranging from condominiums, townhomes, and single-family home communities. We evaluate, inspect and analyze existing conditions in the areas of specific concern.

The Inspection

During the inspection, we will observe the areas around the components and locations where the community is experiencing problems or have concerns. Following all inspections and evaluations, we review the findings with the association and provide a detailed report of all findings along with recommendations for improvements or repair options, if applicable.

Types of Infrastructure and Site Evaluations

We understand that drainage concerns can cause nuisance flooding that may inundate lawns, common areas, parking areas, sidewalks, and streets or can cause structural flooding which enters building interiors. We provide visual inspections of the drainage area of concern and evaluate the current conditions of the drainage. We provide recommended improvements or repairs, if applicable, to address the areas for concern.

Stormwater Control Measures (ponds) are implemented to reduce downstream flooding, control runoff, and treat or limit pollutants and other damaging effects of stormwater runoff. Examples of SCMs include bioretention ponds, stormwater wetlands, wet or dry detention basin or a grassed swale. Effective stormwater management starts with maintaining them which requires performing annual inspections. Our team is comprised of Certified Stormwater SCM Inspection and Maintenance Professionals and can perform and certify those inspections.

Standing water or elevated moisture levels in crawl spaces are areas of concern for many owners. We provide inspection services of those crawl spaces for moisture intrusion, foundation settlement, and condition of visible wood framing. Our team inspects for symptoms of structural concerns that may be attributed to moisture-damaged framing. We also worked with associations with concerns of moisture instruction around windows and doors.

  • Our engineers are specialized in performing various structural evaluations including:  
    • Foundation cracks
    • Conditions of wood-framed decks. 
    • Porch columns. 
    • Exterior stairways or emergency exits. 
    • Balcony and breezeway inspections including railings
    • Greenway wooden bridges

A roof’s service life can vary based on the type and how it has been maintained over the years. Our team is experienced in evaluating roofing concerns such as leaks, maintenance of the roof and roofing components, or whether the roof or roof components were properly installed or repaired. We are knowledgeable and have experience in several roofing material types. We have worked with communities on evaluating roof conditions and have developed replacement prioritization and estimated the remaining useful life of the roof.

Many communities and properties are developed with retaining walls, raining in length, height and complexity to adjust for topographical changes. Our team provides inspection services of the retaining walls to evaluate the condition of the walls or areas of concern or failure. If we notice cracking, separations, or other applicable symptoms of structural concerns, we will install crack monitors on the wall as we deem appropriate upon request.

Our team in well versed in building exterior façade including siding and trim surface and stucco clad evaluations and inspections. During our inspections, our engineers identify concerns with the exterior building envelope including siding, veneer, wall penetrations, sealants and flashing. We will discuss any deficiencies identified and provide recommendations to repair or replace the exterior façade.

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