Project Construction Site - Construction Administration

What We Do

We work with Boards, Association Managers, General Managers, and owners to help Home Owner Associations and Condominium Associations evaluate, plan and help complete capital improvement projects.

Inspection and Specification Development

We perform inspections of the existing components. Following those inspections, we will develop technical specifications and scope of work for the project in general compliance with building code, industry standards, and manufacturer’s installation instructions.

Bid Solicitation and Review

We will solicit bids from contractors to perform the work on behalf of our client. We will be available to answer the contractor’s questions with regard to project scope and specifications and issue addenda as necessary for clarifications. We will review the bids and the submitted qualifications of the bidding contractors. We will prepare a summary tabulating noted differences in received bids. We will meet with the board to discuss the bids and provide our objective feedback if desired.

Construction Monitoring Inspections

We perform periodic inspections throughout the project to verify the contractor’s compliance with building codes, industry standards, manufacturer’s specifications and warranties, and achievement of project milestones. Our team also completes a final inspection and walk-through once the project has reached completion.

Types of Projects

Roof Replacement or Repair

Waterproofing Operations

Site Improvements

Pavement Installation, Repair or Replacement Projects

Water Intrusion Mitigation and Concerns

Deck and Balcony Replacement and Repair

Replacement or Repair of Concrete Sidewalks and Curbing

Window, Door, and Siding Replacement and Repair

Common Area Renovations and Remodeling

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