Our Experience and Standard Service

Our team has experience providing engineering evaluation and consulting services to help solve problems with commercial buildings and site improvements. Our standard service involves a site inspection followed by a report or design drawings detailing repair recommendations. Some of the building and site evaluations we provide for clients on their projects include drainage evaluations, Annual Stormwater Control Measure (SCM) Inspection and Certification, retaining wall inspections, ground penetrating radar – concrete evaluations, water infiltration, and exterior building façade evaluations, and roof evaluations. Details of these services can be found below.

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Types of Building and Site Evaluations

Stormwater drainage concerns can cause nuisance flooding that may inundate lawns, parking areas, sidewalks, streets, or even water intrusion into buildings/structures. We can help solve these problems.

Stormwater Control Measures (ponds) are implemented to reduce downstream flooding, control runoff, and treat or limit pollutants and other damaging effects of stormwater runoff. SCMs include bioretention ponds, stormwater wetlands, wet or dry detention basins, or a grassed swale. Effective stormwater management includes performing annual inspections. We have numerous Certified Stormwater SCM Inspection and Maintenance Professionals on our team.

Retaining walls are installed to adjust for topographical changes and may include various construction materials and methods. Our team provides inspection services for the retaining walls to evaluate the condition of the retaining walls.  

Ground Penetrating Radar (GPR) can be utilized to determine concrete thickness, size/location of footings, and reinforcing steel layout.  This is an essential tool for gathering information for any significant concrete repair project.  This can also assist in determining existing conditions before structural modifications. 

Water leaking into buildings can be challenging to diagnose and repair.  This may include water infiltration from windows, doors, siding, balconies, and other exterior building penetrations.  We can also assist with overall condition evaluations of exterior building components and construction administration for major repair projects. 

Our team has vast experience evaluating all types of commercial building roofing systems.  Evaluations may include determining the overall condition, estimating remaining useful life, assessing the quality of installation, assisting in determining sources of leaks, and developing repair/replacement specifications and scope of work.  We can also help with the construction administration of a roof replacement project.